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About company

        We are the group of hardware and software developers. We make software, hardware devices and complete automation for industrial, science , and other purposes by orders.

        General direction it is creating hight intellectual devices based on 32-bit MPU.


        Us activities:

      • Creating software and hardware for industrial, technology, science.
      • Developing of device drivers .
      • Developing of network application.
      • Connecting the system for get data and control. Link to SCADA systems.
      • Modelling, standing and virtual experiment.
      • Creating devices be control with help USB/Ethernet/WiFi/RS485/.. interfaces
      • Creating ISA/PCI/PC104-cards.
      • Automation based on modern industrial devices.
      • We using Linux. Height reliable, security, lot of open source software, make this system very attractive.

      We provide:

      • Height quality
      • Real cost
      • Maximum customising for your request.
      • Consulting and support.
      • Warranty and after warranty service.
      • Life warranty for software.


We create isolated version of adapter USB - RS485.

Now we print on the 3D printer, the cases for each developping and developped device!

Second version of embedded controller is ready for order. Based on ARM MPU with MMU. Linux, 64Mb DRAM, NAND-flash, Ethernet, USB, RS485, digital and analog inputs and outputs.

Site has been updated.

Provide embedded controller. Based on ARM MPU, uCLinux, 64Mb DRAM, NAND-flash, Ethernet, USB, digital and analog inputs and outputs.

In 2012 we has been create four devices on 32-bit ARM MPU.

By order of Revansh limited the software product "Autodispecher" mobitax.ru has been made.

Software - LsoL Video Guard has been updated

For gEDA users open page for free doenload and exchange components library.

Software - LsoL Video Guard published for test. This program with help cheep Web-cam, can made easy secure of your home or office.

This site has been created.