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About company

        We are the group of hardware and software developers. We make software, hardware devices and complete automation for industrial, science , and other purposes by orders.

        General direction it is creating hight intellectual devices based on 32-bit MPU.


        Us activities:

      • Creating software and hardware for industrial, technology, science.
      • Developing of device drivers .
      • Developing of network application.
      • Connecting the system for get data and control. Link to SCADA systems.
      • Modelling, standing and virtual experiment.
      • Creating devices be control with help USB/Ethernet/WiFi/RS485/.. interfaces
      • Creating ISA/PCI/PC104-cards.
      • Automation based on modern industrial devices.
      • We using Linux. Height reliable, security, lot of open source software, make this system very attractive.

      We provide:

      • Height quality
      • Real cost
      • Maximum customising for your request.
      • Consulting and support.
      • Warranty and after warranty service.
      • Life warranty for software.


Second version of embedded controller is ready for order. Based on ARM MPU with MMU. Linux, 64Mb DRAM, NAND-flash, Ethernet, USB, RS485, digital and analog inputs and outputs.

Site has been updated.

Provide embedded controller. Based on ARM MPU, uCLinux, 64Mb DRAM, NAND-flash, Ethernet, USB, digital and analog inputs and outputs.

In 2012 we has been create four devices on 32-bit ARM MPU.

By order of Revansh limited the software product "Autodispecher" mobitax.ru has been made.

Software - LsoL Video Guard has been updated

For gEDA users open page for free doenload and exchange components library.

Software - LsoL Video Guard published for test. This program with help cheep Web-cam, can made easy secure of your home or office.

This site has been created.